As we move into 2023, let’s discuss negotiating a job offer. In as much as a lot of us seem to have had a lot going on this year, it’s best we start making plans for 2023 and not dwell so much on the events of 2022.

Some goals people set for the new year usually center around; finances, career, school, business, and family.
These are great areas as they constitute a very important part of our lives and so if one of your goals includes career improvement or financial improvement, here is my advice on 3 ways to negotiate a job offer in 2023:

  1. Compare the offer to industry standards. When you get an offer that does not meet your expectations, you can compare it using,, and other available online resources. This way you’re sure you’re getting the best and not lower than your peers.
  2. Factor in the location of the job and standard of living. The pay for your hard work is to cater to your welfare, including your standard of living and every other thing that concerns you, so it needs to be factored into what you’re receiving.
  3.  Justify the pay you are requesting by writing in detail what you have to offer regarding skills and experience. This gives your hiring manager/recruiter a good reason to accept your request for a review of compensation.

I hope this goes a long way in helping you in your career.

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