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The face behind Rubysecrets Consulting

My name is Dr. Chinwe, an IT professional and a Technical Project Manager in a global Fintech Company. I am resident in the US and Canada (Mostly the US).

I moved to the US in 2017 to further my studies having worked for over 6 years in one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria. I applied to several schools in the US, Netherlands, Canada, and UK and received admission offers but I decided to go to the US because I had my family there.

Life in the US

My master’s in the US was Non-STEM and I went on a 2year study leave.  I needed to gain work experience in the US and I resigned from my Job in Nigeria after graduation. I got a job in the US and COVID hit after a few months, and the company I worked for decided they weren’t going to file for me to remain permanently in the US since they had started laying off workers. I immediately started my application for permanent residency in Canada through the Provincial nomination program and concurrently applied for my Ph.D. in Information Systems and Communications (STEM).

Thankfully, I got the admission and when my work authorization ended, I went back to school. While My Ph.D. program was ongoing, there was a delay with the Canada Permanent residency application which had run for 2years. This delay gave me the push to start carrying out a lot of research on how to apply for my Green card in the US as a plan B for my Ph.D. post-study work authorization. The Aha! moment was when I found out about the Employment-Based Second Preference National Interest Waiver Category (EB2NIW) for professionals with advanced degrees. I did all the work needed to ensure I got a favorable outcome. Luckily, I also received my Canadian permanent residency after a two-year wait. The rest is history.

My mistakes and Lessons

  • I didn’t conduct enough research prior to moving in 2017, if I did, I would have gone for a STEM program which would make me entitled to a 3-year post-study work permit. So even if the company I was working with couldn’t file for me anymore, I would still be able to apply for jobs in other companies.
  • I didn’t seek the help of an expert to give me proper guidance on the pros and cons of studying in one country over the other as an International student. With this, I would have known what my options were and prepared myself while in school.

How my experience should be a lesson to everyone

  • My experience opened my eyes to all about EB2-NIW and all you need to get a favorable outcome.
  • Based on the in-depth research I conducted and still conducting, I have strong knowledge and understanding of permanent residency applications for most countries.
  • Based on my experience with applying for admissions to different schools in different countries before choosing the US, I can say I have a strong understanding and in-depth knowledge of applying for admissions and student visa’s for most countries.

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