Your being a nursing mother doesn’t make you ineligible for a study visa. Having a child doesn’t stop your career be it getting a job or going back to school. It only would increase your cost as you would need to show you have sufficient funds to cater for yourself and your child. Also, health insurance will be taking into consideration. Your spouse can go with you and you can give a justification for this. They will get a work permit. Also, they can even go as a student as well.

You need to get dependent visa for your spouse, which can be applied with your student visa or later when you depart for Canada. Once a visa is obtained he can join you in Canada.

You need to show adequate funds to support your spouse in Canada. He can work in Canada on a work permit obtained when he gets there.

Yes, you are allowed to relocate with your spouse and kids to certain countries. Some countries also allow your spouse to work full-time while you study and your kids can go to school as well.

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Yes you can apply for EB2-NIW from outside of the US. However, you can’t do concurrent filing i.e filing your adjustment of status together with your application. You would have to wait for your petition to be approved before you file adjustment of status.

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