3 Action Steps for Immigrants Affected by Tech Lay Off

In recent times, the Tech industry has been facing what can be termed the bear season. Big Tech companies like Twitter, Amazon, Adobe, Netflix, etc, have done massive layoffs in the past weeks, leaving people wondering what the fate of the Tech industry is.
If you’ve been affected or know anyone that has, here are 3 things to do immediately;

● Explore other sectors
● Do a skill mapping to see the skills you’ll be needing before going ahead to applying for a new job
● For immigrants in the US(on H1B and OPT), you can quickly apply for the EB2-NIW and do a concurrent filing so you don’t have to leave the country if you cannot find a job within 60 days.
I hope this goes a long way in helping you.

In all, prioritize your mental health. Something better is coming your way soon!!
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