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Let us help you with your study and permanent relocation process.

Rubysecrets offers assistance to anyone who wishes to relocate to other parts of the world to identify legitimate relocation pathways that are best suited for them based on their skills and experiences. We also help you with your resume revamp and LinkedIn optimization so that you can explore work visa relocation option.

About Me

My name is Dr. Chinwe, an IT professional and currently a Technical Project Manager in a global Fintech Company. I am resident in the US and Canada (Mostly the US).

I moved to the US in 2017 to further my studies after spending 6years plus in one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria. I applied to several schools in the US, Netherlands, Canada, and UK and received admission offers but I decided to go to the US because I had my family there

Chinwe Iwuanyanwu Ph.D
Relocation Advisor and Consultant

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We offer services to help you with your study application and permanent relocation process.

Some of our services include:

  • US EB2–NIW (green card application)
  • EB1A (Green card application)
  • Study Application
  • Permanent Residency Applications
  • Guide with International Job Search with relocation options

Our Services


Consultation services to determine eligibility

Job Search and Visa Guide

Guide to Job Search and Work Visa application to various Countries in North America; Canada and US, Europe, and the United Kingdom

Application Guide

Relocation pathway applications to various Countries in North America; Canada and US, Europe, and United Kingdom

Study Application

Study applications to various Countries in North America; Canada and US, Europe, and United Kingdom

Resume Revamp & LinkedIn Optimization

Client Reviews

Mrs Vivian Cyber Sec Specialist

Thank you for helping me revamp my LinkedIn and also my CV, my profile has attracted a lot of recruiters in recent times and I have successfully secured 2 offers in Europe. Thank you for also helping with my salary negotiations you always come through like yours.

Chinasa N. Graduate Student

I was already giving up on the whole school and relocation thing, but after this meeting you revived my spirit with so better options we can explore to make things better and easier for me. I really appreciate everything

Jane U. Air Hostess

Thank you for the information. I’m really glad you’ve enlightened me with better options because the idea of relocating came up just recently and I have not really made research concerning it so it’s a huge relief. I feel very positive about it and I cannot wait to begin this journey with you.

Shola Technical Business Analyst

I've always wanted to get an advanced degree abroad. The Study DIY came in handy, it gave me instructions and tips on how to go about it. I am already implementing all that I've obtained from the Study DIY. Thank you!

John K Food Scientist

At first, I wasn't sure what I wanted after reading many things about the EB2 NIW. After the consultation with Rubysecrets and buying the EB2 NIW DIY bundle services, I was completely overwhelmed and I was sure of my path. I am now in the process of getting my permanent residency.

Mrs Nomso Credit Analyst

Dear Chinwe, The class was very interactive, educational and highly professional. I gained clarity on how best to position myself for better career growth. I will be coming soon for the linkedin optimization and CV revamp as this will help me connect with international recruiters for better chances of employment. I will definitely and strongly recommend your services. Best regards

Bibi PhD Student

After my EB2-NIW Consultation with Rubysecrets, I was convinced my case could be handled. Quality service that includes, top-notch information, time management, organization, and excellent research was provided for my case and at the right time. Rubysecrets is very knowledgeable about the EB2-NIW process from start to finish and has a great drive for their client’s success. I am glad I am on my pathway to permanent residency with their service. I am very impressed with the impeccable service and HIGHLY recommend it to those who need to begin their EB2-NIW journey.

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